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Yard Rules

1. Kindergarten students remain in designated play areas (Wilson street fenced yard and Outdoor Classroom when weather permits). Grades 1-3 stay on the side of the yard closest to Wilson Street, with the edge of the old convent building as the imaginary boundary line. Junior students (grades 4-6) stay beyond the convent on the pavement, baseball field, and larger soccer field. These zones are established to optimize student safety and staff supervision.
2. St. John has a no hands-on policy. Incidental and unintentional contact tends to happen during recess sports. In this event, students are encouraged to pause the game, ensure other players are okay, and apologize before resuming play. Other forms of hands-on or student to student contact are not allowed and are to be reported to supervising staff immediately so that progressive discipline can used to ensure student safety.
3. If a student needs to enter the building, or step beyond the school yard boundary (ie: to retrieve a ball), they must notify a supervising staff beforehand. Entering the building during recess should only happen in an emergency.
4. Students who continue to jeopardize the safety of themselves or other students may have recesses taken away. Student safety is paramount at all times.
5. Students will be encouraged to dress according to weather conditions at all times throughout the year, again with health and safety front of mind.
6. Indoor shoes are not permitted on the school yard to help maintain a clean and safe interior of our school.